Note Card Project

"Impressions of Ridgewood"


The Ridgewood Arts Foundation is calling all artists to submit artwork for consideration for inclusion in what is sure to be an exquisite note card fundraising project entitled "Impressions of Ridgewood".

The intent of this project is to (1) highlight the beauty of Ridgewood during every season of the year, (2) feature local artists and (3) raise funds for scholarships and donations to Ridgewood-based artists and artistic groups.

Any artist with a connection to Ridgewood is eligible to apply. The rendering can represent any artistic method (photography, impressionism, expressionism, realism, pointillism...) and need reflect only the artist's impression of a location of Ridgewood during a particular season.

Fill out the form below to apply!

Submission deadline is June 1, 2018.

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Artist Name
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You can also email submissions in JPEG directly to

By submitting I confirm that I am the sole owner/producer of art work titled above and am donating it to the Ridgewood Arts Foundation for possible use in the note card project. I understand that use of this image is at the sole discretion of the Ridgewood Arts Foundation. Further, I am submitting this artwork with no conditions about when, where or whether it will be used and no expectation of reimbursement, monetary or otherwise, for its possible use. I have no knowledge of any copyright or other legal or ownership interest in this
art, other than my own possible copyright and exclusive ownership interest.


For more information, call Linda Bradley, VP Communications, Ridgewood Arts Foundation, at 917-734-0756.