Our Note Card Project:

"Impressions of Ridgewood"


"Impressions of Ridgewood"


The Ridgewood Arts Foundation is calling all artists to submit artwork for consideration for inclusion in what is sure to be an exquisite note-card fund-raising project entitled "Impressions of Ridgewood".  The intent of this project is: (1) to highlight the beauty of Ridgewood during every season of the year, (2) feature local artists and (3) raise funds for scholarships and donations to Ridgewood-based artists and artistic groups.

Any  artist with a connection to Ridgewood is eligible to apply. The rendering can represent any artistic method (photography. impressionism, expressionism, realism, pointillism...) and need reflect only the artist's impression of a location of Ridgewood.  Press this link to apply! ______________.

Submission deadline is May 1, 2018.

or call Linda Bradley, VP Communications, Ridgewood Arts Foundation, at 917-734-0756.